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Towards the end of the lifecycle of the first generation of MINIs somebody had the bright idea of chopping the roof off to create a convertible.  But instead of calling the convertibles 'R50 Convertible' for the normally aspirated version and 'R53 Convertible' for the supercharged version, cars with both engine types are known as R52.

So for the tin-tops, the R-designation tells you what kind of engine the car has tucked away beneath the bonnet, while for the rag-tops, the R-designation tells you what type of body the car has.

Because the R52 Cooper is mechanically the same as the R50 Cooper, and the R52 Cooper S is the same as the R53 Cooper S, choose one of the links below to get started.


Cooper S

Or, if you're unsure which is right for your car, drop us an email at with the last 7 characters of your car's VIN number, let us know what you're looking for and we'll point you in the right direction.

R52 Cooper and Cooper S Convertibles

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